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Morty's Pig Clothes

Custom Pig Sweater Embroidered Pet Name - Double Layer Mini Pig Coat with Leash Hole for Potbelly Pigs, Hogs, Kune Kunes & Boar Clothing

Custom Pig Sweater Embroidered Pet Name - Double Layer Mini Pig Coat with Leash Hole for Potbelly Pigs, Hogs, Kune Kunes & Boar Clothing

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Introducing Ultimate Mini Pig Comfort: Double-Layer Fleece Strap Mini Pig Sweater!

Give your beloved potbelly mini pig the gift of warmth and style with our adorable Mini Pig Coat! As a cherished favorite among our loyal customers, this cozy double-layer fleece sweater is an absolute must-have for piggy parents who want nothing but the best for their oinking friends!


Optimal Warmth: Crafted with love, this sweater provides a double layer of premium fleece to keep your mini pig snug and comfortable during those chilly days and nights.

Embroidered Name Customization: This sweater is customized with your piggy's name embroidered right onto the sweater!

Leash Hole: This sweater now includes a Leash Hole!! Perfect for taking your piggy on walks, to the park, or out on the town!

Tailored for Your Piggy: Designed specifically with pigs in mind, this sweater boasts a customized fit that ensures your piggy stays cozy without any discomfort.

Secure Velcro Straps: Equipped with easy-to-use velcro straps, this sweater stays securely in place, hugging your pet's body while allowing them to move freely.

Timelessly Fashionable: Beyond its practical benefits, our Mini Pig Clothes are a stylish addition to your piggy's wardrobe. Keep your pet looking cute and trendy, with many colors and prints to choose from! Let your pig express his or her own unique style!

Easy Care: Cleaning up after your piggy's outdoor adventures is a breeze. Simply secure the straps and toss the sweater in the washing machine for quick and hassle-free cleaning!

- Made to Order.
- Ships within 5 business days.
- Made in USA.
- Machine wash cold with straps fastened. Tumble dry.
- 100% Polyester Fleece.

Sizing chart is:
XXXS: 8-10" neck, 10-12” girth, 6-8” spine
XXS: 10-12" neck, 12-14” girth, 8-10” spine
XS: 12-14" neck, 14-16” girth, 10-12” spine
S: 14-18" neck, 16-20” girth, 12-14” spine
M: 18-22" neck, 20-24” girth, 14-18” spine
L: 22-26" neck, 24-28” girth, 18-22” spine
XL: 26-30" neck, 28-32” girth, 22-26” spine
2XL: 30-34" neck, 32-36” girth, 26-30” spine
3XL: 34-38" neck, 36-40” girth, 30-34” spine
4XL: 38-42" neck, 40-44” girth, 34-38” spine
5XL: 42-46" neck, 44-48” girth, 38-42” spine
6XL: 46-50" neck, 48-52” girth, 42-46” spine
7XL: 50-54" neck, 52-56” girth, 46-50” spine
8XL: 54-58" neck, 56-60” girth, 50-54” spine
*girth is measured right behind the front legs.

- Mordi is wearing size L

-Bigger sizes are available! If you need a bigger size, please message us.

-If none of these sizes are suitable for your pet, or if you would like to send custom measurements, include your piggy's measurements in the note with your order, and we will make a custom size just for your baby! (note: custom clothing items do not qualify for returns).

-If we happen to run out of the fabric you chose, we will message you. If we do not hear back within 24 hours, we substitute your fabric choice with a similar fabric.

Why Choose Our Sweater:

Proven Favorite: Trusted by countless satisfied customers, this sweater has become a staple in mini pig care, earning a reputation for its quality and effectiveness.

Unmatched Comfort: Your mini pig's well-being is our top priority. With the finest materials and careful craftsmanship, this sweater promises unparalleled comfort for your beloved pet.

Express Your Love: Show your mini pig just how much you care by keeping them warm and stylish, even in the chilliest weather.

Invest in the best for your mini pig with our Mini Pig Clothes. Join the ranks of delighted piggy parents who have discovered the joy of a warm and contented pet. Order now and give your mini pig the gift of comfort and fashion that they truly deserve!

For the full video of how to put this sweater on your pig, go to

Thank you for shopping with us!
Lumi and Mordi

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